Technical Limitations


When you build your applications, please make sure you are using a basic model. If you make it too advanced, most of your users will not know how to work it. This is why some experience technical limitations the way they do.

If one of your applications takes up too much space or drains the battery very quickly, than you are going to be in for a bumpy ride. It’s best to know what your specific guidelines are, this way you can implement them. If you don’t know what your limitations are, maybe you should find out. It’s not advisable to move forward if you have no idea what your limits are.


When you design your mobile-friendly site, you need to keep the size of your screen in the back of your mind. This is not a laptop or PC. This is a mobile device. Make sure everything is applicable to a mobile device.

You only have a small screen to play around with. You have to make sure fingers can easily access things. One of the target buttons should be between 45-57 pixels, no more or less.

Try it out. Always try things out from your end first. If you can’t handle it from your side, what makes you think your users will be able to. You also have to think of the first-time users. Don’t assume that all first-time users will know how to use your site, or navigate through it. Some of them will be able to, especially if these few have used a site like yours before, but not everyone is like that.

Part of having a mobile-friendly site is that you cater to almost every user out there. Your users will range from the basic beginners to the seasoned pros and experts. Be weary of this.

If you keep these few tips in mind at all times, your mobile-friendly device should be approachable and workable for everyone. Continue to conduct experimental tests even after your site is up and operational. It’s the only way you will succeed with a high-quality mobile-friendly version of your brand.

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